Mending Stories

Mending Stories presents the clothes we wear as a record of our daily lives. As a form of slow fashion, mending is not only an anecdote to consumerism, but encourages a holistic relationship to the cloth that accompanies us from our inner lives to the outer world.

Mending Stories is an advocacy and educational project. It is a regular featured segment on my YouTube video podcast, The Crimson Stitchery. Mending Stories originally started as a series on my sewing & craft blog Tailoring Tales in 2016, which is now inactive. 

I also run live events, teaching and encouraging mending.


Mending Stories has been presented as a 60 minute lecture for knitting, sewing, and general audiences. The lecture blends practical, DIY demonstrations with academic and archival research, and is suitable for different experience levels.


I analyse examples of historical craft practices from around the world, which include repair-work, re-making (upcycling), and utilising scrap materials. I frame mending as an active form of resistance to over-consumption, as well as an easy and quotidian I encourage listeners to take up mending as a regular form of personal practice.

The 60 minute talk includes a 45 minute slide presentation and lecture, then 15 minutes of audience Q&A, and the opportunity to examine physical samples of mending. 


I can teach mending and alteration skills for knitted and woven (sewn) clothing, in the form of a 2-3 hour workshop. This expands on the above talk, with a greater focus on practical skills. A variety of mending solutions for differing problems in woven and knitted fabrics are offered. The workshops  are suitable for small groups up to 12 people, either as a stand-alone class, or in a short series.


Workshops are tailored to the requirements of specific groups. Please get in touch (via the Contact page) to discuss workshops further.


Mending Stories is a regular featured segment on The Crimson Stitchery, my craft & lifestyle YouTube Channel. 

Specific mending video demonstrations and tutorials are also available, and are an ongoing project. Click here for general tutorials, and click here for mending-specific videos.


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss booking me for talks, workshops and demonstrations. See the Contact page.

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