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Fashion & Ethnicity Research Group

This academic year I co-founded and launched the Fashion & Ethnicity Post-Graduate Interest Group, together with my colleagues Kadian Gosler & Rawan Maki. This group serves as a platform to connect students, researchers & staff working in areas related to fashion and ethnicity across UAL (including alumni). It's a workshop space, discussion group, reading group, and a welcoming space for those desiring to build a network of peers. Importantly, it is founded by three PhD candidates who are working in ethnic studies, and who are also women of colour.

After our successful launch in September, Rawan and Kadian each led ensuing monthly sessions on post-colonial fashion discourses in the Arab world; and Black feminist autoethnographic approaches to researching Black fashion identities. Next will be my session, drawn from the research I have been conducting into British Chinese dress histories over the last year. I will be running an interactive online session on Thursday 3rd December. Click here to see the group profile on the UAL website, and RSVP to Fashionandethnicity[at]

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