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Guest on EATC Podcast: Narratives from a Multi-Cultural Asian Perspective

I was invited by artist & theatre designer Moi Tran to speak on the EATC podcast 'Narratives from a Multi-Cultural Asian Perspective'. The podcast is now live and available to listen on Mixcloud!

The podcast is hosted by Moi Tran & Cuong Pham. The other guests were producer Chi Thai and writer Ming Ho. Muhammad Abe and Riyadhus Shalihin joined in remotely.

It was a great morning filled with a lively chat about diaspora, British East Asian identites, popular culture, and favourite films and songs. I enjoyed bring along my academic perspective, from my PhD; but with three Vietnamese-heritage speakers in the room, plus Indonesians, we also had a great chat about South-East Asian life and culture.

We were asked to bring a favourite song, and I decided to bring along an Eric Lau track that blends jazz, hip hop and dance music. Recorded in London by a British-Hong Kong music producer, Lau's album One of Many was introduced to me by my partner a few years ago. It makes me feel nostalgic for those heady days of early romance...but also, I felt it was a great fit for demonstrating how creativity crosses borders, changes cultures, and creates new meanings along the way.

The podcast was recorded in conjunction with the Royal Court Theatre's production of White Pearl, a play by Anchuli Felicia King, directed by Nana Dakin, and designed by Moi Tran. I watched White Pearl on its penultimate night, courtesy of BEATS and absoutely loved it. It was a sharp, tightly-scripted and impeccably acted corporate satire. Fingers crossed for a revival soon.

I hope you enjoy listening to the EATC podcast! Click here to listen on Mixcloud!

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