Anushka Tay

I teach fun, interactive workshops

These are aimed at enhancing a range of creative and research skills through a range of practical creative activities. I always tailor the workshop content to the interests and experience of the participants.

Previous workshops subjects include:

  • Creative problem-solving, idea generation and finding the flow state

  • Critical thinking and developing an original voice

  • Research skills and methods

  • Planning and project development for final major projects (both practical and research-based)

  • Drawing and sketching

  • Costume, textile and fashion design

  • Fashion history; film, media and performance studies

I’ve delivered workshops to people from lots of different backgrounds and circumstances.

Some of my participants do study or work in the creative industries. Many more have very limited artistic or research experience! My workshops provide the opportunity to develop these valuable skills.

Previous clients include:

  • Corporate cents for businesses

  • Community groups, with participants from a wide age range and varied backgrounds

  • General-pubc audiences at festivals/events

  • Academics at international conferences

  • Post-graduate students at PhD and MA level

  • Undergraduate students at BA and BTEC level

My workshops are designed for small groups, ideally 8-20 people.

I prefer to teach in-person, but it may be possible to teach remotely in online workshops too. I’m always happy to design a bespoke workshop catering to the participants’ needs.

If you’d like to discuss further, just drop me an e-mail.